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Protection Talisman & Charm


Talismans were made in Guinea with medicines, herbs/roots/bark, sacred incantations, and wrapped in animal skin, sourced by the hunter himself.

Please know that I don't offer medicines I do not take myself.

The first 15 orders will include a spiritual oil to charge and anoint talisman.

These talismans are listed as protection, however, they are not limited to only that. For example, the snake skin charm can be programmed to enhance your intuition & sight while protecting you against spiritual attacks.

I suggest you sit with the talisman to connect with it prior to wearing it. Allow the medicine to speak to you and align with your frequency.

As these charms are made to maximize & amplify what is already inside of you, be specific in your charging. Give it direction. Give it a mission.

Talismans can be used for both adults & children.

Charms can be worn around neck, wrist, anklet, or simply carried in pocket.
Please use discretion with children when worn around neck.

How to care: Anoint with oil or perfumes as needed. No water, rum, or smoke needed. Leave in sacred space when not in use. Do not sleep or have sex while wearing talisman.