I am excited to bring to you natural, organic, and cruelty-free face, body, and hair products! All of my products are handmade and contain no parabens, preservatives, or perfumes; ONLY and ALWAYS essential oils! #naturalforreal :)

And not only do I use essential oils, but I harvest most of my own oils from the herbs that are grown right here in my personal garden. 

Since I believe that using natural products is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, I am dedicated to educating and advocating for consumer consciousness. Just as you wouldn't eat foods that are loaded with harmful unfamiliar ingredients, you shouldn't use skin and hair products that contain poisonous toxic chemicals. Especially products in which you cannot pronounce the ingredients.  

Ageno (pronounced with a hard [g], an Acholi Ugandan name given to me during my teaching abroad in Northern Uganda, means "to trust". And with that being said, you can trust that my products are handcrafted, natural, and effective!