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Manifest that Shit! Spiriutal Bath Bar


*Please allow up to 2 weeks to process.

Ya'll know I had to get ya'll right for the New Year!

This spiritual bath bar is made with powerful Akan medicines and did not come to play. Standing on its name, this bath bar can be used to manifest & conjure your desires.

Can be used for career, money, & love work. Basically, anything you want to come your way, this is the bath bar for you.

As usual, be specific and certain in your requests.

The spiritual bath bar comes wrapped in petition paper that can be used in ritual.

How to use: Bath as normal and then follow up with spiritual bath bar. Be sure to speak your intentions/prayers/incantations while lathering. Rinse off. Continue with normal hygiene practice.

The bath bar does not have a menstrual taboo, meaning, you can use during your cycle and while not on your cycle.

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