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Uniquely Curaretd Bone Set #8


This uniquely curated bone set is perfect to use in divination, spell work, and/or ritual.

Please note what is included in the bone set via this description so that you may reference in the future. A list will not be included in the set.

If you are looking for guidance on how to use in divination, please refer to my "Bone Throwing Divination" series available on the site.

This bone set includes:
* 1 dried pufferfish
* 1 snake skin
* 1 tiger cowrie shell
* 1 anchor curio
* 1 fish curio
* 1 fertility doll curio
* 1 fork curio
* 1 coral
* 1 gold plated shell
* 1 skeleton key
* 1 fish bone
* 1 shark tooth
* 1 button
* 1 custom pouch to house bone set

Because I'm feeling generous, this set comes with a FREE juju Aicha oil.

You can use the oil to anoint & purify your hands before throwing your bones. Or you can use the oil to cleanse your bone set before and after each divination session. The choice is yours!

And yes, this oil is sourced straight from Ghana. So just know I'm sharing my own personal juju with y'all 💙

As with all spiritual tools, please allow your own spirit to guide you in use.

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