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Intro Spirituality 101 Series (Recordings)

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Excited to bring back this series! With this information being timeless, I wanted to offer a chance for people to receive this good 'ol medicine again.

As with all of my classes, this series is ONLY for Black & Brown folx.

This series was created for both the beginner and experienced in mind. Regardless of specific religious practices, this series is rooted in beliefs of spirituality, which we all can apply because we are spiritual beings. The purpose of this series is to offer you tools that will help you gain greater insight and understanding into African & Indigenous practices and spirituality itself.

Broken up into 4 separate classes, each class builds on the information given in the previous one. I highly suggest you take them in sequence so that nothing is missed.

However, you are able to purchase individual classes.
Discount on classes purchased bundled.

Class 1 - Defining Spirituality (What is Spirit)
Class 2 - Tap Into Your Own Power (Prayers & Incantations)
Class 3 - Building, Maintaining, & Working Altars (Higher self altar & ancestor altar)
Class 4 - Spiritual Tools (Spiritual hygiene maintenance)

Please note that you will be purchasing the class recordings, not live workshops.

All purchases are final, nonrefundable or unexchangeable.

Once purchased, please allow 48 hours for recordings to be sent via email.

Link to recording expires 3 months post purchase.

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