Image of Uncrossing & Road Opening Full Moon Group Ritual 🌕

Uncrossing & Road Opening Full Moon Group Ritual 🌕

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This group ritual will take place under the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo (during Pisces season) on March 7th.

*For this ritual, I will be working with deities in the Akan ATR system, under the guidance & direction of my teacher. This group service includes animal sacrifice and will be performed in Ghana.

This moon, which signifies the ending of winter & the welcoming of spring, focuses on finding balance in our day-to-day functions & routines, tending to our physical health, & dreaming big (with expectations) without limitations.

Know that the seeds of intentions planted during this time will be reaped throughout a 3-year cycle.

The workings of this group ritual are broken into 2 parts:

1. To banish stubborn blockages, release unaligned behaviors & thought patterns, and uncross witchcraft (known & unknown).

2. To open the roads to blessings, prosperity on multiple levels, & desired manifestations.

*Each participant will have their own individual working candle, accompanied by their personal requested petition.

*Limited spots are available and will close on Friday, March 3rd at 11:59pm EST.

*How to participate:

1. Note your first & last name & DOB during checkout.

2. Note 3 things to include in your petition: a) what you’d like to release, b) specific health issue [if applicable], and c) what you’d like to manifest in the upcoming season.

3. If no specific petition is included, I will state general prayers for you.

4. The group ritual report will be posted as a reel on my @agenosluxurydecks IG page.