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“Come F**k Me” Oil

Sold Out

Scorpio Season Tings!

If you’ve just been wanting some bomb ass, hot, nasty, flip-me-over, pull-my-hair, kind of f**k sessions, then this oil is for you🤷🏾‍♀️

Made with herbs and oils to attract sex, passion & lust, and powders to sexually control the other, this oil did not come to play🔥

How to use: Shake well before every use. Dab oil on wrists, behind ears, chest, forehead, and between thighs. External use only. Can also be used to wipe down altar spaces and things, and to dress and wipe down candles. Feel free to add your own juicy waters to your bottle for potency.

Be certain of intentions while using this oil, as it is drenched in some very powerful ingredients. Happy fucking!!!!

*Please note this product will ship out the week of November 21st.

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