Image of Akwasidae Ancestor Elevation Group Service

Akwasidae Ancestor Elevation Group Service


*Please thoroughly read.

*Registration closes Saturday, April 29th at 12pm EST.

The Akwasidae Ancestor Elevation service will take place on Akwasidae (a holy day in the Akan tradition) on April 30th. It is for the elevation and feeding of the ancestors. With the direction & guidance of my teacher, the ritual will include drink offerings, specific ancestral foods (in the Akan tradition) animal sacrifice, & prayers.

What is Akwasidae? Akwasidae is a holy day in the Akan tradition that is for the acknowledgment & feeding of the ancestors. It is a day in which we give thanks for their works and the works of the shrines. Akwasidae comes around every 40 days.

The intention of this service is broken into 3 parts: to create space between participants & those ancestors that are malevolent, to ground, stabilize, & empower those ancestors that are benevolent in keeping them close to participants, & to bring blessings and prosperity via ancestral lineage to participants.

How to participate: Note, during checkout, all of you deceased loved ones names that you have. First & last name are preferred. However, if you only have a first name or nickname, that will be sufficed. If you happen to forget to note your ancestors' name, please email them to

Once the ritual is completed, a service report will be posted on my IG @agenosluxurydecks page, and a newsletter will be sent out.